We Survived The Tornado Winds And Hail

Last night they issued a tornado warning for Knox County and much of the surrounding area. When I heard this on the radio, I was ready to grab a fog horn and run around my house and scream “take cover.” Thankfully Mark kept me calm. I kept trying to explain to him that I am from Arizona and we don’t deal with tornadoes over there. Besides even if we did we wouldn’t have to jump into a little ditch on the side of the road, we could jump into the Grand Canyon and we’d be safe. The tornado would miss us completely. All that to say, I had a hard time staying calm.

We watched the scary storm clouds roll in.

The boys listening to the tornado warnings on the radio. Don’t they look scared!

Yes, I freaked out and made us take couch cushions into the bathroom.

We had at least five glass windows break and three screen windows break.

Our kitchen window was the worst. Glass blew all the way into our living room. We had hail on our carpet.

Our vinyl siding will need to be replaced.

The culprit: golf ball sized hail!

Our Total Damage:

  • Five broken windows
  • Torn up vinyl siding (the back and side of the house)
  • Three broken screens windows
  • Our back door is broken
  • Mark’s truck is dented and his mirror shattered
  • Chimney damage
  • Roof damage

We are thankful no one got hurt. We can easily replace stuff, but we can’t replace people.


4 thoughts on “We Survived The Tornado Winds And Hail

  1. Ashley! I am so sorry about all your broken stuff, but SO thankful you are all OK. I love that you brought couch cushions into the bathroom…that sort of made my day.

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